ML and DS needed at Runner

Kevin Mehrabi, 
CEO & Founder @ Runner by Crowdshipping, Inc. is looking to hire.

Runner is a crowdshipping startup launching in Los Angeles (think Uber or Lyft but for shipping and same-day delivery). The team needs Machine Learning and Data Science experts both for product development as well as for customer/market analytics. Send email

to: apply(at)crowdshipping(dot)com

ML Engineer @ Oversee

Jeremy Leader, Lead Architect @ is looking for a Machine Learning Engineer, preferably with interest in natural language processing. They need someone who can help them learn from more than half a billion visitors per month to over 5 million domains. You should be eager to take your ideas from prototype to fully operational product.

Apply at, or contact Jeremy at

Machine learning data scientists @ Retention Science



Jerry Jao @ Retention Science is looking for machine learning data scientists with qualifications to:

  • Design scalable predictive models with large number of features
  • Own the entire machine learning implementation process: model design, feature planning, system infrastructure, production setup and monitoring, and release management
  • Use machine learning techniques optimized for distributed computing environments

For more info, and to apply visit:

ML Engineering Internships at eHarmony


Vaclav Petricek, Director of Machine Learning @ eHarmony. 

I have filled my full-time openings and I am starting to look for 2014 interns.  Strong software engineers, let me know if you want to work on ML tools such as vowpal wabbit or have other cool idea doable in three months.

Projects and timing flexible. Here is my 20min talk on some things we do:

Software engineering at Melon



Arye Barnehama - Co-Founder and CEO Melon

Melon uses sensors and intelligent software to turn the invisible activity of the mind visible and meaningful in everyday life. We launched our brain-sensing (EEG) headband on Kickstarter and raised ~$300,000. We are an institutionally funded company looking for software engineers to help us grow our intelligent backend and machine learning algorithms that all of our products connect to. 

Please send resume and cover letter to or apply here.